Video adalah fitur pelengkap yang menakjubkan jika anda ingin membuat blog anda tampil sempurna. Sebagaimana telah digunakan di, kini anda pun bisa menambahkan video di blog worpress anda.

The VideoPress upgrade memungkinakn anda menyimpan dan menjalankan video langsung dari blog anda.  VideoPress adalah per blog dan dapat dibeli melalui panel Upgrades di dashboard blog anda.

Mohon diperhatikan bahwa fitur upload video tersebut hanya bisa dilakukan oleh mereka yang telah membeli VideoPress (kebijakan baru berlaku sejak May 6, 2009.  All video blogs with active space upgrade before or on May 6, 2009 get 1-year free VideoPress subscription automatically).

Upload  video dari komputer anda sendiri

Click the small video icon from the “Upload” toolbar, which brings up the media upload screen.


Click the “Choose files to upload” button, and select your video file.


After you’ve selected a video file, the upload process begins. While it is uploading, a status bar will appear along with a message that says “Crunching…” Depending on your ISP network speed, it may take a while to upload a large video file.


When the video has been successfully transferred to WordPress, you’ll receive a message saying “Your video is being processed. Please check back later in Media Library”. This wait is because we are taking a few more steps to further process your video in order to make it accessible from the Web. Furthermore, we duplicate your video across our many data centers for maximum availability and accessibility.


After processing is complete, click the “Gallery” or “Media Library” tab, locate the video you just uploaded, and click “Show”, which displays the details of the video. After processing has finished you will see the preview area together with the video’s shortcode.


Click “Insert into Post” to insert the video shortcode into your post. Or, you can copy the shortcode and paste it into your post directly.

For the above example, [wpvideo w0MiG12E] is inserted into the post.

w0MiG12Eis the globally unique video id and should not be modified.

Our player chooses the right video which fits your blog’s content length best. If your default content width is 400 px, the following video is displayed:


If you like, you can specify the video’s width value in the shortcode. Example:

[wpvideo 6nd4Jsq7 w=640]


You may set video width to a larger or smaller size, as long as it fits the width of your theme’s post column.

Finally, the video should be live on your blog when you publish your post. For the above example, you can watch the HD version in full screen mode.

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Info Tambahan

Format apa yg bisa dijalankan?

The converted video played by the WordPress video player uses h.264 MP4, the most advanced video codec available today.

Apa itu bitrate video?

Standard video has width 400 px, and bit rate 796 kb/sec.

DVD video has width 640 px, and bit rate 1528 kb/sec.

HD video has width 1280 px, and bit rate 3128 kb/sec.

Standard video is always created as the default video. In addition, if the width of the original user video is greater or equal to 640 px, we create a DVD quality video. If the width of the original user video is greater or equal to 1280 px, we create an additional HD quality video.  We always preserve the aspect ratio of the original video.

Our video player intelligently selects the best quality video, depending on the embed width. For example, if the player embed width is 400 px, it will play the standard format video. If the embed width is 640 px, and if the DVD quality video is available, the player will play the DVD quality video.  If HD quality video is available, user can click HD button to select and play it. HD is best viewed in full screen mode.

Jenis file apa saja yang bisa diupload?

The video player supports mp4, mov, wmv, avi, mpg, m4v

Berapa besar sebuah file bisa diupload?

We’ve had good success with file sizes up to 1GB. You can try file sizes in the 1.5-2GB range, but your experience may vary. Remember, uploading big files can take a long time!

Upload putus sebelum selesai.

A slow or unreliable internet connection can further limit the size of the video you can upload. Try uploading at a different time of day or from a computer with a faster internet connection. Keep trying (don’t worry, failed attempts don’t count against your storage space limit).

Apakah video bisa dilihat/tampil di manapun?

Yes, you can copy the embed code from Embed menu (if it’s enabled), and embed the video on another WordPress blog, or on any other Web site.

Apakah ada shortcode untuk rekan blog/website?

Yes, you can copy the code from “Embed” tab and use it to embed the video on another WordPress blog, or on any other website.


Apakah fitur ini mempengaruhi bandwidth?

You don’t have to worry about the bandwidth, it’s on us :)

Merubah ukuran Video Player  WordPress Video Player?

Sure can! Just change the "w=400" part of the video shortcode to some other width (in pixels). So, if you wanted the video player to be 250 pixels wide, you’d change

wpvideo 123 w=400


wpvideo 123 w=250

Merubah tampilan WordPress Video Player

With Custom CSS you can change the styling of the video player a little, but most of the “look” is in the Flash file itself.